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PA Adult Autism Waiver

What is Autism? What are the signs of autism? Autism is a disorder  in the family of developmental disorders. The disorder generally appears during the first three years of a persons life. The brains normal development of social and communication... (more...)

Stop Telemarketers!

Telemarketing Sales Rule Stop telemarketers! How many times have you been angered by answering the telephone only to find that it is a telemarketer? The FTC (Federal Trade Commission’s) Sales Rule lets customers be in charge of the number of telemarketing... (more...)

3 Ways That Can Help Keep The Brain Active- Senior Care

Many times as we age and we see our loved ones age we  tend to worry that our brains are not as active as they may have been in younger years. We fear our loved ones brain isn’t as sharp .There  are ways to help keep the brain active. Three Ways... (more...)

Senior Expo in Warren County PA October 25, 2013

Loving Hearts Home Care Inc., is proud to be part of the upcoming Senior Expo in Warren County October 25, 2013. The Senior Expo will take place at the Allegheny Community Center/Transit Authority of Warren County Building, 42 Clark Street, Warren PA.... (more...)

2013 Senior Fair at the Tom Ridge Center

Loving Hearts Home Care proudly participated in the 2013  Senior Fair at the Tom Ridge Center this past August. Representatives were excited to meet many community members that were interested in the various services that Loving Hearts Home Care has... (more...)

Type 2 Diabetes and Seniors

Type 2 Diabetes and seniors is a serious health issue. In the United States about one in four seniors over the age of 60 have diabetes. In time as the body ages, it often either produces less insulin or the body will use insulin less effectively. A seniors... (more...)

Health Risks with Grilling

Let’s be safe about grilling Ahh, warm weather is upon us and a great steak or piece of chicken off the grill sounds great doesn’t it? But beware seniors and all others that love the old BBQ! Many researchers have worried for years about... (more...)

Forgetfulness, Dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease

From time to time you may misplace your keys. Where did I park my car? What is the name of that gentleman I met last week? Unfortunately, with age forgetfulness can happen to anyone. When forgetfulness becomes serious enough to interfere with daily life... (more...)

15 Warning Signs that your loved one needs home care

  Mom has always been very particular in the way she presents herself, why is she no longer concerned about her appearance? This and other questions like it are common among children of aging parents. Seniors can be hesitant to share any issues they... (more...)

5 Ways Home Care Helps to Avoid Hospital Stays

Is your elderly parent or family member having  frequent re-admissions to the hospital? Are the stays becoming longer each time? As our family members increase in age, and have more health concerns, these occurrence’s  happen more and more. Sometimes... (more...)

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