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Senior Depression and Holidays



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For most, the holidays are filled with excitement, celebrating and a time of reflection. For seniors it may be different.  Holidays can bring seniors added stress. The holidays can be a hard time full of lost meaning. For seniors and older adults there are contributing factors for depression.

  • Losing means of mobility
  • Failing eyesight
  • Small budgets
  • Declining feelings of independence
  • Loss of spouse or family
  • The disturbance of well liked routines
  • Travel time in vehicles or not being able to travel
  • Feelings of fatigue


Senior depression and holidays- ways to help

The following list contains a few ways to help with senior depression and holidays. As caregivers, family members, or friends it is important that we pay attention to our seniors mental health. If you feel that a senior is feeling blue or sad, we suggest utilizing some of the following tips that our staff here at Loving Hearts Home Care use.

  • Bake holiday goodies together- explore traditional recipes
  • Offer assistance in helping seniors send out holiday cards
  • Listen to holiday music
  • Prepare warm soothing drinks such as tea
  • Attend religious activities
  • Spa time- get a massage, manicure or pedicure
  • Take time to ask how a senior is feeling to help determine if medical help is needed
  • Enjoy outdoor Christmas tree lights during night time drives
  • Be nostalgic, talk to seniors about the past. Make a scrapbook that could include stories, photos, famous quotes from ones life including those who are no longer with the senior.
  • Reminisce through old photos
  • Show your senior that you have a interest in who they are as a person
  • Be a good listener- sometimes just letting a senior talk can help them process their feelings. Giving a person an opportunity to voice their inner feelings can do wonders for their mental health.
  • Offer transportation to attend community events or shopping for holiday dinners
  • Recognize signs of depression and if necessary, consult with medical staff.

* It’s important to remember that seniors are not the only population that get depressed around the holidays. Those who have had a loss or a traumatic event may need some encouragement.


 Erie Holiday Events

For ideas on Erie Holiday Events check out go erie. Erie, PA offers many holiday events that take place both in doors and out.




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