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Fall Prevention for Seniors


There are many risk factors for seniors when it comes to falling inside or outside the home. Falls can cause moderate to severe injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures, head traumas and can increase the risk of early death. These injuries that happen to a senior can make it hard to get around and live independently. Methods of fall prevention home care steps need to be taken for the wellbeing of the senior citizen.

Reasons for needing fall prevention for senior citizens

There are many reasons for needing fall prevention for seniors.  Seniors with muscle weakness especially in the legs are more vulnerable to falling. A lot of the times the weakened muscles  give out when simply walking or standing in the home. The elderly who have poor balance can easily stumble and fall. Some seniors have developed sensory problems such as numbness in the feet, which means they don’t have a sense of where they step. The elderly can also have vision problems such as poor depth perception, cataracts and glaucoma. A vision problem can cause a senior to run into an object and cause them to fall.


Where do most falls occur?

It has been reported that most falls that occur happen at a seniors home. These falls often happen while the senior is doing normal daily activities. Some of the risk factors in their home environment that cause a fall are loose rugs, cluttered areas, oxygen tubing, no railings for stairs and not having grab bars in the bathroom. There are many fall prevention steps that can be taken. An important step toward preventing falls at home is to remove objects that could cause a senior to trip or slip while walking. Arranging furniture in the home to give plenty of room to walk around freely and remove objects out of walkways will reduce the risk of falling.

Ensure that carpets or rugs are secured to the floor and stairs. Remove all throw rugs and use non-slip rugs or attach rugs to the floor with double sided tape. Apply non-slip strips or rubber mats on the floor of the shower or bathtub. In the bathroom place grab rails inside and outside of the shower or bathtub. Also place grab rails next to the toilet and on both sides of the stairway. Another important method to prevent falls is having proper lighting throughout the home. Having easy to reach lamps, night lights, proper overhead lighting and flashlights will help reduce falls. Give more security and reduce the risk of falls by using all these fall prevention methods.


Home Safety Evaluations in Erie, Warren, or Crawford  Counties

During a in home assessment for service in Erie, Warren, or Crawford  Counties one of our nurses will complete a home safety evaluation to reduce hazards that may cause a loved one to fall. Fall prevention supports avoidable acute care hospitalizations. More than one third of adults 65 and older in the U.S. fall each year. One in forty that fall will be alive at the end of the year. That is a shocking fact. Please, take fall prevention for seniors seriously.  We can help. For more information on services please contact Loving Hearts Home Care 1-877-652-8048.


 * Resources: Fall Prevention Nurse Track

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