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Autism Services


Consider the possibilities of Autism Services

A family members diagnosis of Autism means many different things for all involved. Main caregivers focal point now becomes on the individual with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). This focus causes new challenges for the family unit and how to help all  members cope. Consider the possibilities of Autism Services and what that means to family caretakers. Creating a network of help and resources can have a huge impact on the family unit. Stress is often increased in families, marital problems arise, personal relationships and responsibilities are strained. Completing such day to day tasks such as running  errands, attending work, going out socially, etc. can leave the main caregiver feeling helpless. Family members at times feel they can not leave their loved one with Autism home with out the help of other family members or friends. Help is out there in the Counties of Erie, Crawford, Warren and Mercer. Let one of our Autism Trained Staff at Loving Hearts Home Care, Inc. provide respite care.

Get the benefits that you are entitled

Give yourself the permission to take a break. Get the benefits that you are entitled. In Pennsylvania there is a program called the Adult Autism Waiver Program that provides home and community based services that puts the consumer in control that has an adult autism disorder . It promotes the consumer to participate in society the way  he or she chooses based on what best fits his or hers likes, interests, needs, etc.

Autism Specific Care Staff

Loving Hearts Home Care has special certified Autism Care staff that have completed  PA State required detailed training. Staff are chosen for a particular case based on the compatibility of the consumer and the caregiver.

* Using a few hours of Respite Care can make a true difference in your health. Part of the success of taking a break is ensuring that your loved one is content and cared for in your absence. If you can relax during your time away, then the break will work wonders for you. for more information on Autsim

photo credit: Paula R. Lively Autism Walk in downtown Zanesville, Ohio USA via photopin (license)