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Senior Depression and Holidays

      For most, the holidays are filled with excitement, celebrating and a time of reflection. For seniors it may be different.  Holidays can bring seniors added stress. The holidays can be a hard time full of lost meaning. For seniors... (more...)

Boo Bash Breakfast and Trail of Treats

A few reasons to visit the Millcreek Mall this October Boo Bash Breakfast Attention all parents looking for something to do this Saturday for FREE! Come join in on the fun! Kids may  make a craft and/or may get their faces painted courtesy of the A.C.... (more...)

Fall Prevention for Seniors

There are many risk factors for seniors when it comes to falling inside or outside the home. Falls can cause moderate to severe injuries such as lacerations, hip fractures, head traumas and can increase the risk of early death. These injuries that happen... (more...)

Looking for area fairs for August?

Look no further for summer fun in August. August kicks off local area fairs and community events. Here is the line up: ∼ Celebrate Erie August 17-20th This years free annual festival will have big headliners such as... (more...)

8 Great Tuesdays

8 Great Tuesdays July 7     Rock, Roll, and Remember July 12   Chris Higbee July 19   10,000 Maniacs July 26  The Record Company August 2  John Nemeth and Samantha Fish August 9  Jake’s Blues Band August 16  Key West Express August... (more...)

4 Foods to Eat to Ease Side Effects of Parkinson’s for Seniors

According to Web Md Parkinson’s disease affects the way a person moves. At times it happens when there is a problem with certain nerve cells in a persons brain. Nerve cells make an important chemical called dopamine. This dopamine sends signals... (more...)

Aging Waiver Program- Financial Help for Senior Home Care

      Many families are unaware of the Aging Waiver financial help for senior home care.  Many times families are hesitant to use home care services due to financial worries. There are options available. Our Intake Coordinators are well... (more...)

3 Ways Pet Ownership is Powerful

        Three Ways Pet Ownership is Powerful Pets of all kinds can bring so much happiness to a persons life. When I walk in the door my pets have no idea if I had a horrible day or a great day. I am greeted with unlimited love by my dogs... (more...)

7 Myths about colds

  How many times did your mom say to you “You will get sick if you don’t wear your coat outside”.  Did you get sick? Do you really remember getting sick from that venture outside? Maybe your nose would start running from the temperature... (more...)

How To Help The Elderly and Seniors Avoid Depression Around The Holidays

  How to help the elderly and seniors avoid depression around the holidays is a topic of conversation that caregivers and family members often have this time of year. If you’ve got an elderly person living with you, chances are that you may... (more...)

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