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7 Myths about colds

  How many times did your mom say to you “You will get sick if you don’t wear your coat outside”.  Did you get sick? Do you really remember getting sick from that venture outside? Maybe your nose would start running from the temperature... (more...)

How To Help The Elderly and Seniors Avoid Depression Around The Holidays

  How to help the elderly and seniors avoid depression around the holidays is a topic of conversation that caregivers and family members often have this time of year. If you’ve got an elderly person living with you, chances are that you may... (more...)

Senior Depression and Holidays

      For most, the holidays are filled with excitement, celebrating and a time of reflection. For seniors it may be different.  Holidays can bring seniors added stress. The holidays can be a hard time full of lost meaning. For seniors... (more...)

The Physical and Mental Effects of Family Caregiving

  Roles of Care Giving Family caregivers have played a significant role in our society since the beginning of time. Each year, the demand for caregiving affects millions of America families from all socioeconomic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds.... (more...)

Choosing a Home Care Agency

Need to choose a home care agency? There are important evaluation points to ponder when choosing a home care agency. Being able to make a sound decision for home care starts with quality information. Having a knowledge base of ideas to make informed... (more...)

Trail of Treats 2016

Trail of Treats Loving Hearts Home Care, Inc. is proud to be a sponsor  again this year at the Millcreek Mall Trail of Treats 2016. The Millcreek Mall provides safe trick or treating to children ages 12 and younger. Donation: $4.00 in advance/$5.00... (more...)

Home care can help elderly who exercise at least 30 minutes a day live five years longer

Home Care Can Help Elderly Who Exercise at least 30 Minutes a Day Live Five Years Longer It is highly imperative to maintain an ideal exercise regimen as people age. When you exercise all the time, your vitality increases and you can manage symptoms... (more...)

4th Annual Senior Fair

      Representative Ryan Bizzaro’s 4th Annual Senior Fair On August 29, 2016 at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center the  4th Annual Senior Fair will be held.  This is a free event that is intended for all seniors/elderly persons... (more...)

Heat stroke and seniors

Heat stroke killed over 200 people in 2011 and over 150 in 2012.  In 2011 almost forty related deaths occurred in Pennsylvania alone. The elderly are especially at risk for a variety of reasons. There are many medicines that interfere with the bodies... (more...)

Hospital Readmission Rates and Elderly/Seniors

      A visit to the hospital is stressful. You are never certain what to expect and you are never confident that you are going to come away from this perfectly fine, even if that is the case. For seniors with severe health problems, this concern... (more...)

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