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Aging Waiver Program- Financial Help for Senior Home Care


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Many families are unaware of the Aging Waiver financial help for senior home care.  Many times families are hesitant to use home care services due to financial worries. There are options available. Our Intake Coordinators are well versed with the various programs available to assist families.


Aging Waiver Program-Financial Help for Senior Home Care

The Aging Waiver Program, which is paid through Medicaid enables many families to keep their loved one at home instead of a nursing home. The application process can be lengthy. Get prepared before your appointment. Our goal is to offer a few tips to accelerate the process. The more prepared you are, the shorter the waiting time and the less stress one will feel while going through the steps of the application process.


Documents Needed

When getting ready to apply for the Aging Waiver Program the following documents and information will be needed.

  • 1 years worth of out of pocket paid medical expenses such as pharmacy payments, Dr. Co-pays, Dental or Eye Exam payments
  • 1 years summary of all utility bills
  • 1 years summary of taxes paid, garbage and sewer payments, rent or mortgage payments
  • 1 years worth of car payments or car insurance payments
  • Proof of any income
  • Current bank statements

Your local area on aging can offer you the dollar amount of assets that individuals are permitted to have and still qualify for the Aging Waiver Program. If residing in Erie County click, if residing in Mercer County click, if in Crawford County click lastly, if residing in Warren County click


For more information on this program – financial help for senior home care and others please contact our office 814-836-1147 or 1-877-652-8048.


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