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3 Ways That Can Help Keep The Brain Active- Senior Care

Many times as we age and we see our loved ones age we  tend to worry that our brains are not as active as they may have been in younger years. We fear our loved ones brain isn’t as sharp .There  are ways to help keep the brain active.

Three Ways that can help to keep the brain active

There are three  suggested ways that can help to keep the aging brain active. Having a positive outlook is the first suggested way. Nourishing your brain is the second. Lastly, exercise your brain.

Positive Outlook

Having a positive outlook means deciding to make a concious choice to be optimistic. When a seniors or anyone else for that matters attitude is optimistic it brings along a positive feeling of well being. If your loved one is depressed encourage them to get treatment. Depression is a very common cause of declining perception in the aging population. Encourage a senior to be active in doing something that he or she feels is meaningful. One idea is becoming a volunteer in the community. Get involved in the community by joining a art or craft class. Some local municipalities offer discounts on classes. Find a hobby group to get involved in. Some communities have senior citizen clubs that are open for joining. Check the local newspaper GoErie for senior clubs or bus trips.


Nourish the Brain

The second suggested way on how to keep the brain active is to nourish it.  What a person eats and drinks has a vital impact on brain functioning. Taking supplements or eat a diet that consists of antioxidants helps to nourish the brain. A  diet that is high in antioxidants helps to keep the brain healthier and offers support to protect the brain cells. Some interesting cites to check out for high antioxidant foods are WebMd or Best Health. Also, stay hydrated. As mentioned in a blog regarding hydration for Loving Hearts Home Care drink your water! Water is so important in being able to nourish the brain. Waters role for healthy brain activity is that it helps to keep the blood circulated. It is important to remember that being dehydrated can cause a person to be confused.


Exercise the Brain

Exercising your brain is crucial to keeping an aging brain active.  Just as physical exercise is good for the body your brain needs exercised too. Challenge your brain. Sharpen your memory by playing card games, crossword puzzles or word search puzzles. Read a book. Many libraries offer large print books for those who may need help in reading the text. Look for online classes to learn a new language. Keeping the mind occupied is key. There is never an age limit on being able to learn something new! Here at Loving Hearts Home Care we are organizing a lending library that contains such items as puzzles, books, “learn how to books”, etc. that are available to our customers for their use.



Keeping the brain active will prevent a senior from getting depressed and lonely to name a few. Don’t let your loved one get down in the dumps, provide ways to keep him or her occupied. If family is not available the staff at Loving Hearts Home Care can also provide your loved one with companion care to make those lonely times disappear.



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