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15 Warning Signs that your loved one needs home care


Mom has always been very particular in the way she presents herself, why is she no longer concerned about her appearance? This and other questions like it are common among children of aging parents. Seniors can be hesitant to share any issues they may have as they may feel like they are being burdensome or they may fear the loss of independence, and privacy that comes from living in their own home. Many of our elderly are fearful of being removed from their homes and are hesitant to mention some of the early signs that they are experiencing.


Perhaps mom or dad mentions that it would be nice to have someone to go shopping with or to a hair appointment, this could be a signal that they may know something is wrong but don’t want to tell a family member. Maybe you’ve noticed your loved one being more withdrawn or unable to follow a conversation. Signs and symptoms may be far between, but once you begin to look back, you become aware that the signs were subtle and took place over a period of years. Oftentimes families feel that they should have known or seen that something “wasn’t quite right”.


Becoming familiar with the early warning signs can help in the treatment of both Dementia and Alzheimer’s and can help with future planning and care for your loved one’s senior years.  Be on the lookout for  things that seem out the ordinary or changes in routine. Pay attention to the little things, before they become the big things. We have outlined 15 warning signs that should not be ignored as they may signal the need for help.


1. Scarce bathing and showering.

2. Forgetting to take medications or not taking the correct dosage.

3. Appointments start becoming overlooked.

4. Odor of urine in the home.

5. A decline in grooming habits and personal care.

6. Struggling with mobility, walking and balance.

7. Inadequate diet, forgetting to eat or weight loss.

8. General forgetfulness.

9. Consistent disorientation.

10. Unsafe driving or getting lost on trips that should be routine.

11. Late payment notices, calls from collectors and bounced checks.

12. Confusion or uncertainty when performing once-familiar tasks.

13. Excess clutter in the home.

14. Stacks of mail that have not been opened.

15. Bruising that is unexplained.




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