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What to do when a loved ones refuses home care

One of the biggest issues that arise when a family realizes that a loved one needs in home care is the loved ones refusal to accept help. Sometimes its a refusal to admit that they need a home care agency. Other times its that they don’t really want someone that they don’t really know in the home. Overcoming this issue can be simple with a few steps.

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Resistance to In Home Care

 Be Patient

Understanding what causes the resistance to home care is the first step to breaking the barrier of refusing  homecare.

 Be a Good Listener

Utilize good listening skills. Do not be judgmental.

 Include the whole family

Choose a time period to talk when your family member and all parties involved are relaxed.

 Be Considerate

Take consideration of your loved ones wishes. You may not be able to meet all of them but make feel included. Ask them what type of care they want. Do not leave them out of this process.

 Be Creative

Exercise the power of persuasion through family and friends. Propose the idea of a trial period of care to be able to experience quality home care provided by our Company.


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