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How To Help The Elderly and Seniors Avoid Depression Around The Holidays



How to help the elderly and seniors avoid depression around the holidays is a topic of conversation that caregivers and family members often have this time of year.

If you’ve got an elderly person living with you, chances are that you may be struggling to make such a person feel free from an abnormal condition such as depression during the holidays. In recent research that was concluded, it was discovered that seniors are more prone to this problem than those of a younger age. While experts have been quick to point out some of the causes of this problem; the major nightmare still remains how it can be dealt with over the course of time.

Are you struggling to get the perfect solution to combat depression in your elderly ones? Do you know that there are lots of problems that this abnormal condition can lead to when not being handled on time? You don’t have to search any more as this post will be aimed at showing you some of the ways to make these people avoid this emotional disorder. They may sound simple but they are extremely powerful.

Having The Right Diet to help avoid depression

It has been discovered that foods have a lot to contribute in the process of making people feel depressed. Make sure you are offering and promoting healthy foods. Many times elderly persons systems are compromised and weak.

Some dietary items that should be avoided are alcohol, coffee, white flour as well as those foods that have chemical additives. What is needed are foods that contain high amounts of vitamin D such as whole grains, eggs, and fish. This can help to promote seniors to stay in a positive mood.

Regular Exercise Programs

One of the primary causes of depression for seniors during the holiday period is being idle. Their bodies need to be kept busy. Light walking or dancing could pass as exercise for the body. Exercises have been known to not only keep the body in good shape but also the mind. The key to making them engage in such programs is consistency.  See this link on how home care and exercising can help you live 5 years longer.






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