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Hospital Readmission Rates and Elderly/Seniors




A visit to the hospital is stressful. You are never certain what to expect and you are never confident that you are going to come away from this perfectly fine, even if that is the case. For seniors with severe health problems, this concern is only going to worsen. The doctors may do their best, but you know there is only so much that they can do. They cannot help you out for the rest of your life, even if you require constant assistance. Once you are out, there is nothing that they can do to help you. This is what leads to such high readmission rates in the state of Pennsylvania. With 17.8 percent of senior patients going back to the hospital for a readmission, it is vital that a change is made at some point. For many patients, this change starts when they get out of the hospital. Having a home care service such as Loving Hearts Home Care, Inc. can make the transition much easier. This lowers the risk of complications and difficulties when initially out of the hospital, increasing the chances of a full recovery. Senior patients do have numerous risks, so it is important to take advantage of a home care service as soon as necessary.

Hospital readmission rates in Pennsylvania are quite high. According to a 2010 study, 13.5 percent, 2 out of 15 stays, of patients were readmitted within 30 days for any reason. Out of these readmissions, 5.6 percent, 1 in 18, were due to some type of problem or complication. With seniors being more likely to be readmitted, there is a high risk for the elderly. What makes this more frightening is the fact that not all problems are because of the doctor. Even if you have a fantastic doctor, there is still a chance of something going wrong. The reason for this is that a lot of patients are unaware of what they should do or unable to make necessary changes. With how hard this is for the elderly, especially those with limited movement, severe health problems, or limited finances, readmission feels almost inevitable. It is important that all patients understand their risks, what is required, and how to make the transition so that they are less likely to be readmitted to the hospital for any reason.

Rather than putting all of the focus on the doctor, remember that you have to care for yourself outside of the hospital, as well. While the care and information given to you by your doctor is important, so is how you handle treatment on your own. The issue here is that not a lot of people know how or they are unable to, which is common with seniors that have difficulties fully caring for themselves. This is one of the reasons that elderly hospital readmission rates is so high in the state of Pennsylvania. Once out of the hospital, too many people find it hard to do what they need to do. Even though it is best for their health, they do not have the ability, time, or finances to manage it.

Reaching for assistance

In order to improve elderly hospital readmission rates, it is vital that you reach out to Loving Hearts Home Care, Inc. for assistance. This is a home care service that can help people moving from the hospital back to their homes. When they go into your home, they are going to be part of the management and treatment of whatever you are dealing with at the time. They go into this with knowledge of the patient and situation, and they focus on improving the quality of life so that you are able to recover or at least handle this more easily on your own.

Understanding and managing the transition is a big benefit with Loving Hearts Home Care, Inc. By having this service, it is possible to reduce the chances of complications and to understand what is happening. When you are informed and when your health is in top shape, you can recover. Once you are over the hardest part, right after the hospital stay, you can manage it to stay at home. The help of professional nurses makes a massive difference in quality of life and overall satisfaction.

Loving Hearts Home Care, Inc. aids in lowering hospital readmission rates for the elderly. Stepping up and making the transition easier today will help to improve these rates over time. Since Pennsylvania is a state with high readmission rates, doing this can save lives. People are able to avoid serious injuries or complications, and they are able to manage their situation. If you or someone you love is currently attempting to transition from a hospital stay to home, make sure there is preparation and help. A home care service exists to protect and help individuals in need, and they do the job incredibly well.

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