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Cold Weather Protection for Seniors



The cold weather is upon the area. Seniors are especially susceptible to cold weather. It is important that as caregivers, families and friends we stay mindful of  seniors body temperatures.

How to dress

Use the following for cold weather protection for seniors

  • The first line of defense is to wear loose, dry fitting close.
  • Dress in layers. If you work in the cold weather, wear clothing made of polypropylene, which will wick perspiration away from the skin and keep your body dry.
  • Wear a hat and a scarf, 40 to 50 % of  the body heat can be lost from the head and neck area.


 Lines of defense against cold weather for our Erie seniors

  • Protect your hands and feet– wear mittens when possible, your fingers will share heat. Wear socks that keep your feet warm and dry, try to wear higher cut socks.
  • Protect your lips– use a lip balm to prevent dry cracking skin.
  • Avoid dehydration– as long as fluids are not restricted by your physician, drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid alcohol– alcohol causes your body to lose heat, in addition to contributing to dehydration.
  • Eat light–  eating a light snack before going out into the cold is better than eating a heavy meal. Heavy meals require a larger outflow to the gastrointestinal system to aid in digestion hence, the digestive process may prevent warm blood from circulating to your fingers and toes.
  • Be prepared– if traveling by car, keep extra socks, blankets, water and snacks on hand in case of mechanical problems, storms or an empty gas tank leaves you stranded.
  • Inquire about medications– ask your physician or pharmacist or have your home health aid call to see if any of your current medications make you more susceptible to cold weather illness.

*With a few of these tips, perhaps you can keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose!


Copyight Dr. Rob Danoff from Bucks County, Bucks Courier Times


 photo credit:theothernate via photopin cc



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