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Choosing a Home Care Agency

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Need to choose a home care agency?

There are important evaluation points to ponder when choosing a home care agency. Being able to make a sound decision for home care starts with quality information. Having a knowledge base of ideas to make informed choices from is an important factor when choosing a home care agency. Use this information as a guide when making your choice.

Things to look for when choosing a home care agency

  1. Range of Services provided- since a person may have so many different needs be sure to pick a home care provider that can fulfill all of your needs. Different services can include hygiene assistance, medication reminders, hospice services, errands, housekeeping, meal prep, etc.
  2. Using an independent worker vs employing an agency. There are risks to the consumer being the employer of the home care worker. The worker and the consumer could suffer financial liabilities. Be aware that if the major employer is the consumer then they are responsible for all Payroll taxes such as Medicare, Social Security, federal taxes, etc. Also, a very important note is that most homeowners insurance does not typically cover a independent employee in the home. There are differences in terms of reliability. Who will work if the independent worker is ill, is a no show to a shift, wants to take a vacation, etc. A home care agency can provide you assistance for long term to temporary help.
  3. Supervisory Visits- a credible agency will have a supervisory staff person who makes unscheduled visits. This type of visit provides a client or family member the opportunity to express any thing that they may not want to communicate with the direct care giver.
  4.  Assessment- a free assessment should be done in the home by a registered nurse or intake coordinator. This situation assures that all needs and desires are communicated by a professional staff person.
  5.  Code of Conduct Training- look for a company that has a strong policy that focuses on values such as respect and attitude. Policies should include skills regarding appropriate client interaction. The ethical requirements are to be followed. If the code is not followed it can cause damage and threaten the  companies ability to follow their mission statement.
  6. Experience-look for home care agencies that have experienced workers. Ask if any specialized training is offered to the caregivers. Areas of special training would include Dementia, Autism, Traumatic Brian Injury, Diabetes, Hospice Support, etc.
  7. Communication- communication is critical. It is crucial to find a company where the caregivers are tracking daily progress, skills, noting changes, etc.  Look for an agency whose staff are trained to quickly contact or alert its supervisors of any changes or concerns for a change in status of the client that can be detrimental to their well being.

If you have any questions regarding the information provided or you have additional questions please call our office or use our contact form and someone will respond in a timely manner.



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