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7 Myths about colds

woman coughing  How many times did your mom say to you “You will get sick if you don’t wear your coat outside”.  Did you get sick? Do you really remember getting sick from that venture outside? Maybe your nose would start running from the temperature outside but, you most likely remained in good health. I am sure that your mom or caretaker had your best health interest in mind even though you felt like you were being nagged.

Seven Myths

Which one of these myths have you found yourself saying?

1. Do not go to bed or go outside with wet hair.  Reality- you will be doomed for nothing but crazy looking hair after sleeping!

2. Put your hat on. Mom always said to wear a hat in the cold because we lose 80% of our body heat through our head. Is that true? The science behind the truth is that your head is only 10% of your total body surface. The reason we lose heat from our head is because most of the time when we’re outside in the cold, we’re clothed.

3. Put VapoRub in your socks for your cough. Some feel that this remedy works. There is no solid evidence proving that this menthol smelling rub works.

4. Wear your garlic. No seriously,  ingesting the garlic is the way to gain antioxidents from the potent food.

5. Have grandma make you some chicken soup. Truth of the matter is that chicken soup does help. It eases the symptoms of a cold. According to Oz Blog researchers found that chicken soup appears to inhibit neutrophil chemotaxis, or the movement of certain immune cells to mucous membrane surfaces. The migration of these cells to surface cells in the airways may be partially responsible for mucous production. Scientists concluded that chicken soup may have anti-inflammatory properties that help dampen cold symptoms.

6. Take some leftover medicine from when you had the flu for your cold. Flu antiviral medication only works against flu viruses.

7. You have to use an antibacterial soap if you really want to get your hands clean. Research has shown that plain old bar soap is just as effective.





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