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6 Ways to help with muscle cramps…Ivory Soap?

Get the Ivory Soap and put it under your bed sheets for those muscle cramps your experiencing! Never heard of this old wives tale? Many people suffer from muscle cramps particularly, nocturnal leg cramping. Ann Landers has even mentioned in her columns using the old soap cure on various occasions. So maybe using soap as a cure is a case of “believing making it so”. Now, the soap may not have any impression- but the sufferer’s faith in this act serves to effect this marvellous event easing or stopping the cramping.

If your not a believer of soap under the sheets for muscle cramp relief, we have some suggestions.

6 Ways to help with muscle cramps

According to the Doctors Book of Food Remedies, the answer lies in a cramp suffers’ electrolyte balance. Muscles do not move without having directions from the brain. Your brain sends out messages to the right muscles telling them when and to what extent to relax or contract. Electrolytes in the body which are also known as minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium have a key role in making the messages get through from the brain to the muscles. If your not getting enough of the previous mentioned minerals your muscles, may not get the signal to relax. The following are 6 ways to help with muscle cramps from electrolyte imbalance.

  • Avoid too much sodium. 
  • Put some dairy into your diet.  Calcium of aides in helping muscles to contract. Great sources of calcium are fat free milk or yogurt.
  • Get your potassium. Bananas and potatoes are good sources of potassium.
  • Drink fluids. Keep your body hydrated.
  • Keep adequate carb levels in your diet. The glycogen (sugar) from carbohydrates in foods help to keep muscles working. Bread, rice and potatoes are sources of carbs.
  • Eat foods high in the mineral magnesium.   A few foods higher in magnesium are spinach, tofu, avocados,  and brown rice.








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